International Tour Dates

Since I am started doing stand up comedy, it’s very difficult to keep track of where I’m going and when, because as all women know, simple tasks and men are a dangerous combination. Feel free to come along to any of these dates and throw monkey faeces.

23/02/15    The Frog & Bucket, Manchester

28/02/15    Showcase Evening – Firefighters Charity, The Meyers, Hull

01/03/15    Hot Water Comedy, Liverpool

02/03/15    The Crown, Darwen

05/03/15    Comedy Hat Final, Bradford

12/03/15    Lounge About Laughing, Northenden

13/03/15    ARC Gong, Stockton

18/03/15    Comedy Balloon, The Ape & Apple, Manchester

28/03/15    The Workshop, Halifax

13/04/15    The Libertine, Leeds

24/04/15    Project Korova, The Korova Café, Preston

03/05/15    King Gong, Comedy Store, Manchester

15/05/15    Poynton

17/07/15    Sandy Pate Bar, One Call Stadium, Mansfield

09/09/15    The Stand, Newcastle

14/10/15    The Stand, Newcastle


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