Oil companies: Arse oils.

Last week, the Guardian ran an article stating that the petrochemical industry knew of the potential of oil to affect climate change.

It didn’t take the piss out of anyone. It didn’t target a Prime Minister with a mouth full of half truths and an arse crack full of sweat.

It didn’t give anything a face. It didn’t give us a face to deride.

BUT this is far bigger than any of this Panama Papers bollocks. Far bigger. Why? Because rich people telling lies to avoid tax and make money makes them selfish, greedy bastards. Rich people telling lies while knowingly ruining the environment that over 7 billion of us share makes them filth.
The thing is, most people won’t read this. The media struggles to hold your attention these days, we want news fast, we want laughs, we want fun, we want “Proper Tasty” bullshit meals with bacon and cheese, we want pathetic “how many squares, only a genius can solve it”, we want 60 second news updates that tell us which celebrity has worn a dress that makes their arse look fat.

We’ve been conditioned into thinking that anyone mentions the environment is a drugged up tree shagger, that the climate has always had rises and falls in temperature and it’s perfectly natural, that climate change is a myth to make money off green taxes, that climate change is scaremongering so some nasty man can put up a wind turbine that ruins my view and ruins my life. But the main reason no one dares contemplate just how bad things have got, is that we’re just too ignorant, and far too lazy.
I’ll give anyone a pound who can write me down the balanced chemical equation for converting sugar and oxygen into carbon dioxide and water without looking it up, it’s something your body is doing right now, and is a remarkably simple equation. Go on, try it, but it’s incredible how many people are experts on the billions of equations that it takes to estimate the effect of spunking millions of tonnes of carbon bi-products into the air and water. Can you really work that out and tell me you know everything will be fine? No, you fucking can’t, so don’t sit there and tell me climate change is bollocks, because you don’t fucking know. You’re not a scientist are you, you work in an office, or a shop, or a factory, and you haven’t studied science for twenty fucking years, so how, tell me HOW can you dismiss climate change like you do?

The petrochemical industry is huge, and all it cares about is making money, I suppose we all do to an extent, but at what cost? In the seven years I spent studying the environment, one story stayed with me more that most, and it’s the story of Ken Saro Wiwa. He was a farmer in Nigeria, and near to his farmland, oil was discovered. A large company, one we have all heard of, started drilling, after paying lots of money to some people, and oil poured out all over Ken’s land. He wasn’t happy, would you be? So Ken, and some other farmers who had nice puddles of oil on their crops, complained. So the people who had been paid the money tried them for treason and hung them.

“Did I read that right?” you might think. Yes, they hung them, no more complaining, plenty of oil; lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely. This was 1995, not that long ago is it? The large company settled out of court not that long ago, still saying they did nothing wrong, but you make up your own mind. Go have a read.

We have been conditioned into thinking our way of life is normal, and it is, but at what cost. Ken Saro Wiwa paid the ultimate cost, and in time, we all will, we all die, but (and here comes the tree shagger bit), what about your kids, and your grand kids?

The thing is, the youngsters today are far more clued up, I’ve read about it, and a lot of them think “us lot” in our 40s and older, are a set of twats. I’m telling you, if you’re lucky to make it to your dotage, and your great grand-daughter sits on your knee in your 100th year, don’t be surprised if they say “Did you really drive around in cars that did 10 miles per gallon and not give a fuck?”. And you’ll say “We didn’t know any different. They said it was safe, like cigarettes”. And they’ll say “But you could have stopped using oil for domestic power, you could have used tidal energy, solar energy, you could have put up more wind turbines”, “Oooo not turbines love, ugly aren’t they”, and they’ll say, “But the Arctic has thawed and Holland is under water”, and you’ll sit and nod, because you didn’t read up on how much carbon is now in the atmosphere, and how it leads to methane deposits being exposed in the polar regions, and how even slight increases in global temperature lead to more water vapour in the atmosphere, which carries far more heat energy than carbon dioxide….

Just have a think eh? Read this, and have a think.


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