Dear Members of Parliament

Dear Members of Parliament,

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog, urging your leaders, to ask you, our politicians to stop the bleating and braying at each other in the houses of parliament. I recall my grandad when I was young saying “listen to the bloody idiots” when they played excerpts of the day’s proceedings on the radio, and I’ve never understood why you do it. It is childish, disrespectful, unnecessary, ridiculous, shameful, and is nothing short of a national embarrassment. I wrote the blog because the discussion at the time was regarding the result on whether we should go to war in Syria. Going to war is not a decision to be taken lightly, I’m sure you will agree, however, this did not stop an all out free for all “who can act like the biggest idiot competition” taking place that day. It was a disgrace, and I was ashamed that you people “represented” the country I call my own.

I’ve done all I can to avoid coming into contact with seeing or hearing activities in the Houses of Parliament since that day, and it has served me well. However, as you are possibly aware, there is a referendum coming up, one that requires equal, if not more important discussion, where we decide as a nation whether to stay in a political and financial union with the rest of the European Union. I have therefore felt compelled to listen in to what you, our duly elected MPs have to say on the matter.

I’m frankly, if I may be so bold, appalled.

I would like you to consider that at present, Earth is the only planet we know for a fact is inhabited by any living species. I would like you to consider that it is an unbelievable miracle of chance that we are living on this planet right now, as it hurtles through space at incredible speed. I would like you to consider that you, the 650 people in that building, represent over 50 million others, and that you, and the words you say in the coming weeks, will influence and impact on the thoughts of most of the adults and many of the children in that 50 million, on a decision we will make, and how it shall affect the lives of the 450 million other people in the EU. I want you to consider that on this tiny rock in the middle of the massive Milky Way, over 7 billion people live, and that we are about to decide on whether our 50 million walk away from an association of countries borne out of wanting to help each other, trade with each other, and protect each other.

And when you do consider this, when you walk into the Houses of Parliament to talk to each other, perhaps disagree with each other, and to try decide what is best for people on this tiny island on this tiny, tiny planet, I want you to do one, tiny thing; SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN.

I don’t care who’s wearing what. I don’t care whose mother thinks what. I don’t care if you hate each other. I don’t care if you shag each other. I don’t care if you have two houses, and I don’t care you just got a receipt for that coffee you’re drinking. I want facts, I want quiet, I want discussion, and I want to know that you think enough of the 500 million people that are going to be affected by the words that come out of your fucking mouth.

Take pride in what you are, and what is expected of you, and if you are not up to it, please leave.

This shit is important, I beg you, DO NOT fuck it up.


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