My BSc Environmental Studies and general tree bothering.

It’s not something I bang on about, but 2 weeks today, I sit what will hopefully be (should I pass), my last exam for a BSc in environmental studies. I chose this subject because I’ve been concerned about what we’re doing to our planet for a long time, and I wanted to learn. It has taken 7 years with the Open University. It has challenged my will, my pocket, and my patience, and it has been a huge undertaking for reasons I won’t go into, because that’s not why I’m writing this.

I am writing this because something has suddenly struck me, not something I’ve read in those seven years, this isn’t something I’ve ever heard mentioned before by anyone, and it is this: think about something 100 years ago, and think about something 200 years ago.

My first thought of 100 years ago would be World War 1. Images of mass slaughter and unimaginable suffering. My first thought of 200 years ago? Oh I’m not sure, some posh fucker in a wig playing the harpsichord? Downton fucking Abbey? Something like that.

Certainly though it would not have been the rainforests of South America. Mangroves. The Arctic ice sheets. Atlantic fishing stocks. Oil extraction. River pollution. Energy crises. Water equality.

When I read or hear people saying climate change is bollocks, that the Earth has got colder and warmer for EVER ‘cos that’s what it does, they ignore the fact that ice cores prove beyond doubt that carbon dioxide levels are soaring, and that because the rate of Global Mean Surface Temperature increase has slowed in the last 15 years therefore it’s stopping, I just wonder what they think of? Do they think of the same things I did?

I bet they didn’t think of the others, because it’s only just hit me, 7 years on.

I’m not going to rattle on about it, it was just a thought. When those people were pottering about in those foggy paintings of London with their bowler hats on, when Beethoven was doing his thang, when Titanic sank, pretty much all that lovely oil and coal was where it had been for millions of years, sitting, storing carbon. And we’ve dug it up, and we’ve fucking burnt it. And it’s too late to go back, and developing nations like China and India want to be able to burn as much as we do, and as much as America does, and they don’t give a wank how much they use.

So next time someone mentions climate change, before you dismiss it totally, just think how much the Earth has changed in the last 200 years, honest, it’s staggering.

I reckon we’ve 100% full on too late to do anything about it fucked it right up. Ah well.

Have a lovely day 😀


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