Plane crashes (and other tragedies) and the media.

You can probably tell from the title this isn’t going to be a jolly jape, and you’d be right. Sorry. But I’m once again furious with the way we let the media spout shit into our lives. What a bunch of bastards they are.

Let me first tell you why I don’t like the majority of journalists: because all they do is tell us what is happening. Most of the time, I can fucking see what’s happening, just send a cameraman or woman, I don’t need you telling me what’s happening. Most news reporters aren’t needed; they don’t serve any purpose. They use their eyes to describe to your ears what your eyes can already see. Pointless.

They are also rife with underhand shady bastards, as we all know, but we’ll come back to that.

Now, let’s take the latest tragedy, the crashing of the Germanwings plane in the Alps. I heard a bloke on the radio yesterday morning discussing it. He was nearby the crash site, and “bigging it up” for the radio. I’m paraphrasing, but it was along the lines of “yes this is now the WORST air disaster in France since of course the Concord crash in Paris if you can remember that, where 113 people died”. IT’S NOT A COMPETITION. Then it went back to the studio, where the woman described the scene as a “rubbish dump”.

It’s inhumanity of the way they talk about it. I don’t want them to break down in tears, but show some decorum. We don’t need analogies and metaphors, statistics and emphasis on the “WORST” in “WORST air disaster”, just state the facts.

In fact, if you want to describe it better, go and look more closely. Go and help the rescuers. Go pick up body parts. Help search for that dead baby that hasn’t been found on a mountain in the middle of fucking nowhere. Go on. Pick up clothing that will have to be returned to brothers and sisters, parents and children. Go have a chat with them, tell them what you saw, try and put their mind at ease that they died at peace, and not screaming and hitting a mountain at 500 miles an hour. And when you’ve done that, come and report back to me, and tell me, quietly, and without any sensationalised bullshit sound bytes, just how sad and horrendous this is, and how some people’s lives have changed for ever.

And just to add to that, we not have some gobby bastard who is working on the investigation spouting off about the pilot being locked out of the cockpit. Who is this gobby twat who couldn’t keep quiet until the investigation was finished? And why did they talk to journalists? Was there money exchanged, or am I just being cynical? I hope they find Billy Bigmouth, and sack the bastard.

So now all these families, these poor families waiting for actual facts on what happened to their loved ones, have to consider their might have been foul play. Most of us know what it’s like to suffer the loss of a loved one, but I bet it’s double the fun if half the world’s media is speculating as to what happened, with the juicy possibility of a bit of “pilot gone bad” or terrorism.

The Leveson enquiry called for the press to be moderated by a separate body, independent of the media. The media said no. Well it’s about time the media was TOLD what to do, and if they don’t like it, they get either conform, or get closed down and have a nice punch in the face.

I don’t know how we got to this state of affairs. What an horrendous species we are.


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