Co wincy dance?

This is just a tad odd.

I’m not a huge believer in supernatural goings on or buildings harbouring spirits or that kind of caper. I keep an open mind as noone knows 100%, and I’m not that arrogant, but I’m well on the sceptical fence.

I was once truly baffled when a digital clock in an old car showed the correct time. It was impossible for it to do so, as I’d removed the permanent live feed to wire in a new stereo; it only had a feed when the ignition went on, so it always started at 12:00. It had to. But one night it didn’t, and it was the night I’d veen to see the first Final Destination with my ex. Seriously. I drove home slow that night, and I still can’t explain it.

Anyway, today, we were anticipating moving house, and exchanging contracts on the new one. I got a call from the bank to say the money had been transferred and we could pick the keys up when the solicitor said. Not ten minutes later my neighbour called to say our burglar alarm was going off. I’ve lived here 11 years, and I haven’t set the burglar alarm for 10 years 11 months, for a variety of reasons, but I never set it, and it wasn’t set today, but when I got home, it was going off.

It’s a bastard huge coincidence it went off today, but that it was apparently within only a few minutes of the money being transferred is quite bloody staggering.

Oh, and remember, it wasn’t set.

I’m still of the opinion this is just a big, big coincidence,  but if I think about it, I need a poo.


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