Text Canvassing. Part 2.

Sup. Fo sho.

Been a while since I blogged. A lot has happened. Done my first stand up gig, undertaken an archery qualification and did a 20m 252 at the first attempt, and watched England get knocked out of the World Cup while on holiday in Wales. Good times.

Anyway, more on the stand up to follow blog-wise, I bet you can’t wait, but this blog is to help on this matter. I have a gig on Tuesday, and I have decided to introduce my text canvassing answers into this one. Of course, I’ve been doing this a good while now, and I don’t tweet them all, because, well, they might get on folk’s tits, but they give me pleasure. To this end, please find below the ones I have tweeted since my last blog on Text Canvassing many moons ago. I’d be much obliged if anyone would have a squiz at these and the ones in the original, and tell me any that particularly tickle your bits. Or not.

Any recommended I will use. Of course, you might not have time, and favour telling me to sod off, please feel free to do so. If I’m honest, the whole thing terrifies me, and all I can think is people are looking at me and thinking I’m a knob, but any help would be appreciated, and rewarded with pop and crisps, I mean that sincerely. (Except the pop and crisps, that was a lie).

Screenshot_2014-04-21-21-34-31 Screenshot_2014-04-21-21-34-00 Screenshot_2014-03-17-19-42-01 Screenshot_2014-03-13-11-29-50 Screenshot_2014-03-11-21-53-41 Screenshot_2014-03-03-09-05-54 Screenshot_2014-02-19-20-56-29 Screenshot_2014-02-19-11-31-09 Screenshot_2014-04-21-21-35-42 Screenshot_2014-04-21-21-38-01 Screenshot_2014-05-21-12-45-28Screenshot_2014-05-27-21-16-04Screenshot_2014-06-20-16-09-31Screenshot_2014-06-23-21-09-14Screenshot_2014-07-06-19-35-14Screenshot_2014-07-16-20-41-31Screenshot_2014-07-20-07-31-48Screenshot_2014-07-22-20-39-01Screenshot_2014-07-24-19-53-13Screenshot_2014-07-28-20-24-15Screenshot_2014-08-10-14-11-59

I’m a kind of Eurovision song contest voting system as we speak, though it is remarkably difficult. Does anyone have any experience of international telephone conferencing and digital scoreboard matters?



2 thoughts on “Text Canvassing. Part 2.

  1. Lindsay

    I personally love all your canvas tweet replies, when I first read the ham fisting one I nearly choked on my tea! I don’t many myself but I make sure I always send something amusing back but they are not as good as your replies! Out of interest do you ever get any replies from your messages? Also congrats on doing stand up gigs I am sure you are fantastic, when you do your first tour I hope you will sort me out a ticket 🙂

    Much love

    from @I_am_linz 🙂

    1. buckethandle Post author

      Cheers Linz! Most kind for the feedback, honestly is appreciated. Sadly I’ve never had a response. I really wish I had, even if they just told me I was a knob. The numbers are always anonymous, so they could join in couldn’t they?! Maybe one day!! And course, free tickets for you!!


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