When a mother stops a father seeing their child, can anyone help?

A good friend of mine has been stopped seeing his daughter for three years. He’s a good man, a great father, and I want to help him.

The legal system has deserted him. At one court hearing, the little girl’s mother said “She doesn’t want to see him”. The judge said this was nonsense, and he didn’t believe she would have said it. An order was made for him to see his daughter at a contact centre. She never came. At the next hearing, the little girl’s mother said again “She doesn’t want to see him”. A different judge. “Well that’s that then… we’ll see what she says next year”.

The child’s mother has a free solicitor. I say free, you and I are paying for them. He cannot afford the charges they are quoting.  Even if he did have the £100+ per hour for a solicitor, would they care about anything other than the money? The money he does have, goes to his ex-partner, to look after the child he cannot see, and to bring up his other children, which he does admirably.

I can’t bring myself to talk to him about it, but I want to help.  This little girl has told her teachers, and two Cafcass officers that she wants to see her dad. Her mother stops it. With a twist of irony you simply couldn’t make up, this child’s mother works for a local authority, helping fathers who have lost contact with their children.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m at the end of my tether even thinking about the situation he is in, let alone be in that position myself. She’s a lovely little girl, she deserves better, and so does he.


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