Match fixing. Bookmakers, it’s your own fault.

After my rant about why football has gone shite last week, I thought I would follow it up with a mini rant about another part of football that adds to the shite rating: match fixing.

It’s a serious thing match fixing. I don’t like cheating; cheaters are twats. Diego Maradona, the world’s biggest footballing twat, was a cheat. He took drugs and surprised Peter Shilton with a casual fist. 

Sport has seen many cheats, but normally through the desire to win.  Ben Johnson wanted to beat Carl Lewis, so he cheated, but I assume, it was entirely down to his need to win.  In a way, I can understand that desperation if you have been trying so hard. Of course, you can’t condone it, and it is entirely unfair, and punishments much be issued.

However, the latest set of arrests in football are wholly ridiculous, because they are purely to earn a few quid. Lots of quid to be honest, and the main people who are to blame, are the bookies. Greedy bastards.

Look at a betting slip these days. To the uninitiated, highly complicated. Online betting slips even more so. You can bet on anything during a football match. Look at this load of arse: 

Number of corners, first booking, time of last goal, which team will score next, how will it be scored? Header, own goal, inside box, outside box, from a free kick or penalty? It is set up so you can bet in play and they can get as much out of you as they can.  It used to be that you could bet on the win or the correct score, and once the match had kicked off, that was it, no more bets.  Not now.  The bookies can only make money if they are taking bets, so bet in play!

And so we have players planning when they will get sent off, or give away a free kick. Easy. If you’re a nearly man nearing the end of your career, why not?

And now we have the fucking fraud squad looking into it.  Who pays for that? We do! The old taxpayers.  Well bookmakers, you can shove it up your arse.  If you don’t want to be cheated out of money, remove that option, and go back to how it used to be, before your eyes became glazed by all the money you could get. It’s quite simple if you think about it, as you won’t get a whole team cheating together. Well, unless you’re a Spanish Paralympic basketball team.

By the way, what odds can I get on Jonjo Shelvey being sent off in the 51st minute tonight for punching a Hull player in the box?


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