A letter to Mr David Cameron & Mr Ed Milliband

Dear Sirs,

There have been many occasions over the years that I have wanted to express my views to a Member of Parliament, but never before have I felt compelled to actually use my time to do so.  I have long felt a sense of growing loss with our country’s diplomatic system, that serving MP’s are only interested in furthering their careers, rather than doing what they feel is right, with some exceptions, granted, and that should I take the time to contact an MP, well, it will pretty much be a waste of my time, and with that in mind, I shall cut to the chase.

I have never, ever, been so disgusted with our nation’s most senior politicians as I was last night.  If I may, I would like you to watch again the result of the vote on military action in Syria.

Listen, but also look at the faces of some of the MPs.  These are not the reactions of individuals who have just voted to veto military action in a country suffering the most appalling civil war, these are the reactions of petty, ignorant, self absorbed and downright pathetic individuals with not an ounce of humility, who have just got one over on the opposition.  When they voted, their mind’s eye should have been focussed on images of dead children, and their parent’s faces riddled with pain at how their hearts have been torn out at the loss of their child.  Perhaps that is what they were thinking about, but I doubt it for some of them.  Look at their faces again, they were happy, they were cheering.

If there is to be any good that comes of this, and frankly, there is very little good that could come of it, I would ask that you ask the House to stop immediately the roaring and heckling that has blighted the Houses of Parliament for as long as I can remember.  On an every day basis, it shows a lack of respect to one another, but last night, it showed a lack of respect to anyone in Syria who has suffered, which ever side they might be on.

I would ask that you take the cheering buffoons to one side, and ask them to imagine a scenario:  One in which I am beating their child up, strong hard punches to the face, and they cannot do anything about it, as they are behind a glass screen.  Someone offers to help, and there is a vote between several other people as to whether this person can help. These people decide that the person cannot help, and they all cheer, and I keep on beating up their child, while they all cheer and laugh, perhaps even pat each other on the back, and have a cigar.

I’m not saying intervention would have worked in Syria, I do not know, but what I do know is that the actions of a good many MPs last night left me reeling, and ashamed that these people apparently represent the best this country has to offer, because if they can find joy and gloat at their opposition leader when voting about civil war, then I’m not sure our country can sink any lower.




2 thoughts on “A letter to Mr David Cameron & Mr Ed Milliband

  1. @jolf

    Well said Howard! Their behaviour last night was disgusting.
    They are sub-human, career politicians, and most have no experience of real life. They don’t care about anyone other than themselves, and we are forced to pay them £65k a year plus expenses for the privilege.
    It was like a football crowd in there yesterday, cheering as if their team had just scored a goal. That’s not just a a dig at Labour, as I’m sure had the vote gone the other way, the Tories probably would’ve acted the same.
    I’m not sure what the answer is in Syria, but I’m sure them MP’s wouldn’t be so smug if you showed the families of the victims of the civil war that video.


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